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>> si actualmente manejas un vehículo ford, nissan, toyota, chrysler, honda o general motors y está estancado con un alto pago mensual de su carro, entonces ponga mucha atención porque tenemos importante información para usted que podría bajarle los pagos mensuales o hasta ponerlo en un nuevo carro. para averiguar cuánto usted puede ahorrar, llame al número que aparece en pantalla, representantes altamente capacitados, trabajarán para darle las mejores opciones. opciones que incluyen desde entregar su carro por dinero o simplemente cambiar su carro actual por uno completamente nuevo. no se quede atrapado con altos pagos mensuales o con carros sin garantía. dese el lujo de manejar el carro que usted sueña con pagos al alcance de su presupuesto. ahorrar dinero en estos tiempos tan difíciles es más importante que nunca y hoy usted tiene la opción para ayudar a bajar los pagos mensuales de su carro. llame a autopayment solutions para una consulta gratis. no tiene nada que perder, sino mucho que ganar. no espere más, la llamada es gratis desde cualquier ciudad de estados unid
news on jobs and consumer confidence. >> tom: and a new number two at ford motor company. mark fields will lead daily operations. >> susie: that and more tonight on nbr! >> tom: u.s. markets turned their attention back to the economy today; investors and traders liked what they heard. americans are feeling the most optimistic they have been in nearly five years about their finances and the outlook for the economy. the conference board's confidence index jumped to a reading of 72.2 last month. driving that gain, an improving job market. new ai for unemployment insurance fell by 9,000 in the past week to 363,000, showing modest improvement in the jobs picture. we'll have more on jobs in a moment. as for stocks, the dow gained 136 points, the nasdaq was up 42, the s&p adding 15. >> susie: but economists say that encouraging report on jobless claims and the confidence survey were collected before hurricane sandy. meanwhile, the effects of the monster storm are paralyzing much of new jersey and new york city here's an update: fr and a ha mlion pple are still without power, and it could tak
about a deal on wheels. a trade on ford to make three times your money in three months. they'll break it down. why are all of those options traders going postal for aeropostale. scott tells us why they're in fashion. the action begins now. >>> welcome f rom the nasdaq market site in the heart of new york city's times square, i'm melissa levy. these are the trades and stocks closing on the highs of the today. only stock america is watching right now, apple. it reversed and closed flat for the session, setting up for an apple rally. analysts what did you make of the action? >> i was trading a lot of apple today, you can follow us on twitter and on the site. we were buying call spreads yes, buying more today. we were looking for cap it lags that says, i just want out, painful, painful press action. >> it's a big swoop down. >> this was the largest volume since march, the middle of march on apple. we saw it on a rapid, down $10, up $10, over the course of 30 minutes, a short-term bottom. this doesn't mean happy days are here again and apple is going back to 700. no way do i think apple h
everybody. >>> a new car ad that's making things disappear. >> i like it. what a great idea, ford. >> exactly. >> it's going to blend into the [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or get another of the best deals around. a frozen butterball, 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair...grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. >>> there are so many things wrong with this video. >> it's going to be great. >> tell me if you can guess what this group of men are trying to do. >> looks like they are trying to slide something down off the roof on a ladder or something, right? >> not really a ladder. they literally took two pieces of wood. they leveraged it against that wall. >> a piano? looks like a dumpster. >> it's a pool. look what happens once they finally get i
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. the final thanks for watching espn. now we take you to the studio for the ford wrap-up with robert flores. take it away with that alabama and lsu game, my friend! >>> you got it, brent. welcome inside the football studios. this is the ford wrap-up. depending on what happens in baton rouge the bcs standings could look different tomorrow once they are relieved. show you what is going on between number one alabama and lsu. rematch of the national tight game from a year ago. second quarter. a.j. mccarron of alabama on the quarterback keeper. a nine-yard touchdown and third rushing touchdown of his career and alabama cruising at the half 14-3. here come the titans. zach mettenberger to jarvis landry. right now, lsu cling to go a three-point lead late fourth quarter. notre dame severely tested toot at home against pittsburgh. second overtime. notre dame cierre wood fumbles at the goal line. pitt recovers and all they have to do is kick a field goal and walk out of south bend with an upset win. instead, kevin harper, no, sir. wide right. game extended. we go to a triple overtime. on pitt on pitt
" by ken ford. and ken ford became my mentor and another big influence on me. and ken ford's book, awesome. he told it like it is. ken ford is a giant himself. he doesn't have a nobel prize but his friends do. he's one of those type guys. he was the exec officer of the american institute of physics. i'm proud to say now, i'm very proud of him to have him for a personal friend. so he was a great influence on me. and now i find myself, my greatest satisfaction is to realize that i myself am an influence for other people. i'm sort of a kenny isaacs or a burl grey or a ken ford to many students. and this many is with a capital m, thanks to the efforts of my friend marshall alenstein who has put together these videotapes a these dvds that spread my lectures from the classroom into the classrooms of many people. and so, it's wonderful being that role model for other teachers and students. and whatever i can do to be a burl grey to other people, to let them see that perhaps a very good foundation for, hey, what's going on in the world, certainly, is science. so let's hear it for physics. physics
says these airbags in her 2001 ford focus deployed for no apparent reason. >> right about here was where the air bags went off. >> reporter: it happened as she was driving out of this parking lot at 10 miles an hour. >> there was a lot of white stuff like powder type stuff? i was like oh, my god, what happens? i was really scared. >> reporter: and hurt. not only did the air bag crack the windshield but the explosion left chelsea with minor injuries that her mother worries could have been much worse. >> i had a burn right here from the air bag and it cut my knees and i had bruises on my legs. >> she drives on the freeway. what if it happened on the freeway? there is no telling who would have crashed into her. >> reporter: the center for auto safety says unexpected airbag deployments in the ford focus are nothing new. >> the bottom line is, this is 2000 to 2001 ford focus had an airbag problem in the early days. >> reporter: in fact, back in 2002, the national highway traffic safety administration launched an investigation into the problem after reports of more than 300 complaint
. >>> will the selloff continue tomorrow? we'll handicap the day for you. >>> then ford getting back in the minivan market. can they compete with market leaders chrysler, toyota, and honda? stay with us on the "closing bell." uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. >>> welcome back. have you driven a ford minivan lately? probably not. ford is looking to change that. that's why we're with phil lebeau right now. >> maria, they're calling it the people mover and using a term we haven't heard in a long time in the auto industry. they're calling it a wagon. here's the ford transit connect wagon. now, you'll look at this and say, that looks like a minivan. well, it goes on sale late next year. t
for 97% of the customer as cording to a study by ford motor company. now, with regulations and rising gas prices, abc 7 news what a look at the changing face. i'm about to test drive the ford c max energy. >> it's a great in between in terms mf a hybrid you have capabilities to do do both. >> with 20 mile range on battery or over 600 at gas tank, the car decide chz to use. >> so did you notice the difference there sf. >> you can push a button to go all electric. at $30,000 ford claims it pays for itself getting electric equivalent of 100 miles per gallon. >> we're the first to break that milestone. this is aamazing. >> in 1914, they tried to bringt first electric car to market. but couldn't build a good enough battery n 2000, ford tried again with all electric think. sales were slow. they pulled the plug. but now, ford thinks they're ready. >> 60% of the could be assumers are considering a hybrid. now, more remarkably, one in four of those is considering a plug in hybrid. it's unplugged. >> we're seeing technology, now, your phone is part of the ownership exkbreerns of a vehicle. >> it's
rebecca lindland with more on the sales numbers and ford's's new succession plan announcement. rebecca, thanks for joining us. let's get to it. numbers look good but ford only up with a percent. what happened there. >> sorry i can't join you as usual in person. ford was a combination of things. i think they were a little bit off of our estimate. we hoped for a little bit higher sales from them but we were really a little bit disappointed in the fusion sedan which is going through a model changeover but we really, they were off 30% year-over-year. melissa: wow. >> they're only about, flat year-over-year typically. so that was a little bit of a disappointment. melissa: why do you think that happened? what went wrong there? >> sometimes there is just incentive issues. sometimes there is not as much fleet activity. it can really be a variety of things. overall ford cars sales were up 4%. their truck sales were a little bit softer than previously but that was mostly because of the ford ranger pickup truck. melissa: sticking with ford for a second, alan mulally, 67 years old, saying he will
, according to a study by ford motor company. now with new federal regulations and a rising gas prices, abc-7 jonathan blume has a look at the changing face of american awbles. >> now you'll see i'm ready to drive. >> i'm about to test drive the ford c max energy. the first ford you can fill up and also plug in. >> plugin hybrid is a great in between in terms of both the hybrid and a full electric vehicle. you have the capable to do both but don't have the range limitation. >> with a 20-mile range on battery or oil with the gas tank, the car decided which to use. >> i can't make this use gas. >> that's correct. >> did you notice the difference? >> the gas just kicked? >> or push a button to go all lesch. ford claims the car pays for himself by getting the electric equivalent of 100 miles per gallon. >> the first to break that milestone, centennial milestone. >> electric cars are nothing new for ford in 1914, henry ford and harvey firestone pose with thomased a disson as they tried to brick the first electric car to market but couldn't build a bat enough battery in 2000, the ford tiled it with
at the leaders, materials up 1.5%. coming up, former democratic congressman harold ford and our own anthony scaramucci of skybridge going head to head over which candidate is better for wall street and yourm. sometimes investing opportunities are hard to spot. you have to dig a little. fidelity's etf market tracker shows you the big picture on how different asset classes are performing, and it lets you go in for a closer look at areas within a class or sector that may be bucking a larger trend. i'm stephen hett of fidelity investments. the etf market tracker is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and explore your next investing idea. >>> welcome back as we make the turn. one half of this election day in the books today. let's get our top three trades. apple is higher for the second day in a row. it's a slight move. we just switched to chipotle on the wall but we are talking apple. it is below the 200 day moving average town 16% from the all-time high set on september 21. has apple found support? what do you make of this? 586. forget
of the ford motor plant. david cameron said he would veto the budget if it is not in the best interests of the u.k. and accused the opposition party of having the position of "opportunism." this is about half an hour. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i am sure the whole house will wish to join me in paying tribute to corporal david o'connor. o'connor and corporal channing day, rural army medical corps. we owe them and all others who have lost their lives a deep debt of gratitude. their courage have lost their lives in deep debt of gratitude. their courage and dedication and professionalism will never be forgotten by our nation. our sincere condolences with their colleagues, friends, and families. mr. speaker, this morning i had meetings, and in addition to my duties in this house, will have meetings later today. >> i am sure the whole house will align itself with the remarks on our personnel and send their deepest condolences to their families. will the prime minister confirm that if he cannot get a good deal for britain in the eu to negotiations, he will use the veto and reject any advice on
a gallon. doesn't matter. large luxury trucks are selling like crazy. the ford f series was the best- selling vehicle in the country. but these aren't your average pickups. allen martin shows us they come with so many bells and whistles, you may need a driver's lesson. >> reporter: so let's talk about trucks. mike lunsford is picking up his new truck. >> you have cars. why don't you have those? >> my wife has those. >> reporter: yep. mike drives truck. he sort of has to, since he has a construction company. but he also drives to the mountains, hauls a travel trailer and will do it with his new $40,000 pickup with leather seats. >> i'll put a back window in it that opens up. i'll put flares on the fenders. >> reporter: his truck will look like, well, not your father's pickup, especially my dad's. >> my dad used to talk about the model t. they've come a long way, baby. >> it's come a long way. it has. >> reporter: we all know guys love trucks but it's not just contractors. apparently, guys love fancier trucks. this cadillac escalade truck has a sticker price of $73,000. despite the do
25-year-old women campbell and 21-year-old kenyon waller forced her into a ford explorer and forced her into an alley. >> campbell went through her personal belongings taking personal effects while waller committed a sexual assault. >> reporter: the same men kidnapped a young couple the same day in liberty heights. police have identified a total of 11 victims, including half a dozen college students. >> and you have young women here on their way to school, on their way into a public place that are assaulted by and we can't call the suspects' names, the things that they did and the way they treated these young ladies is an outrage. >> reporter: ironically police pulled over campbell a week before for driving without a license and giving a false name. hoe and his accomplice would claim six more victims the following book, victims who would have to live with the physical and emotional scars of being plucked from the street. >> probably won't want to be alone in public. that's why people are in groups. >> reporter: police said the men would often take their identification cards and thre
to study by ford. well now with new federal regulations and rising gas prices abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has look tonight at the changing face of american automobiles. >> i'm about to test drive the the energy. the first ford you can fill up and also plug in. plug in hybrid is a great in between in terms of both hybrid and full electric vehicle because you really have the capability to do both but you don't have the range limitatio limitation. >>reporter: with 20 mile range on battery or over 600 with the gas tank the car decides which were to use. >> rate now i can flooring the pedal to use gas. did you notice the difference. >> gas kick in. >> or push button to go all electric. 30,000 dollars claims the car pays for itself by getting the electric equivalent of 100 miles per gallon. >> first to brick the million stone. centennial mail stone. of. >>reporter: electric cars nothing new for ford. in 1914 henry ford and firestone posed with edison trying to bring the first electric car to market but couldn't build a good enough battery. in 2000 tried again with the all electric
william parkway at balls ford road. it was a truck and a vehicle, a diesel fuel spill, entrapment, the works, so stay away from that. they should hopefully reopen it shortly. but in the meantime just go ahead and use sudly road as your alternate route. 66 is not affected coming in from manassas to centreville and fairfax, you should be okay. let's take a live look outside and show you what it looks like here on the northbound side of 395, looking good at duke street. 14th street bridge is now bunching up. let's go back over to our maps. this time we're going to head all the way to 270, coming southbound, that's what howard was referring to. it's very slow and heavy out of fredrick, past 109 to 121. on the beltway itself, it's still green, college park into silver spring, so that's good news. and a live look one more time outside, here's what it looks like at the 14th street bridge. i'll be back with more coming up at 6:11. back to you guys. >>> i guess you've heard, today is election day. >> who knew? >> president obama has made his final pitch to voters and now he's waiting. he
looking for the suv. it is a silver 2010 ford explorer with the maryland plate, 28m506. if you see the suv, please call police. >> we are learning about a pair of men accused of abducting kids at bus stops. 21-year-old kenyon waller and 25-year-old william campbell allegedly drove around in a foasm -- ford explorer, plucking kids into the car. they were tied to several similar abduction. >> the 11 include 9 jung -- young women and two young men. >> the man would take the victims' identification ards and threatened -- cards and threatened to hunt them down if they reported the crime. >>> maryland state police need your help finding this man. they said he walked into the bb and t bank on monday, pulled out a gun and demand cash. police are asking if you recognize the man to give them a call. >>> all right. let's take a look at this fire. family members got the news about this fire that claimed four lives, a months ago. the cause has been identified. they said it started because of combustible materials. arson detectives say the fire was so strong it burned through nearly everything in the ho
the kidnapping and sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl was forced to get into a gold ford explorer. it happened to near a bus stop. police believe campbell was the driver. he is charged with robbery. waller is charged with raping the girl. the same as to be turned up in another investigation. >> it was actually a male and female. >> according to documents, the victims told police the driver pulled a black semi automatic handgun. the victim jumped from the vehicle. the female was held at gunpoint. they demanded money, $200. the female contacted a relative and the exchange for $100 was completed. police also say they have charged campbell with a september 25 sexual assault and kidnapping. >> this crime appeared -- occurred by a bus stop by a woman walking to her job. some of these cases he brings an outrage. outrage in your heart. you have young women on their way to school, in a public place, that are insulted by it -- we cannot call them names. but the things they did and the way they treated these young ladies is an outrage. >> they are being held without bail. police worry that other victims
in europe. ford and gm reported better-than-expected profits this week as north american sales helped boost revenue while european demand dropped. gm is looking to save $500 million in the next couple years as it restructures in that region. the automaker says it has cut 2,300 jobs in europe and wants to cut 300 more. ford is also restructuring by eliminating 5,700 workers in the uk and europe. "europe has been on the brink for awhile now. but it doesn't seem to be really impacting u.s. sales and north america remains a very profitable wing for most of these automakers worldwide. so europe is slumping and slowly but surely automakers are starting to remove capacity from that region and that should help them deal with it in the long run." that was kelsey may of ford and gm both expect to lose money in the eurozone. ford sees losses topping $1 billion. gm says it could lose as much as $1.8 billion. 18.5 million. that's the number of europeans who are currently unemployed. the region's jobless rate hit an all-time high in september of 11.6%. 146,000 people lost their jobs in the last
automakers... gets a negative r. review.the just-released list... thaa ford is áalmostá at the bottom of. presiient barack ooama is re- elected to a sscond erm.the win and why he sayy he wiil bb working with his reppblican ♪ i -- i got it, i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made, i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say ♪ [ male announcer ] at subway, you got it made. try a steak, egg white & cheese, tricked out any way you want. subway. eat fresh.
spill cleanup and an accident on route 234, prince william parkway at balls ford road. it's just south of i-66. cleanup continues there. you'll want to go ahead and use suddenly road as your alternate route to -- sudly road as your alternate route. on i-66 the lanes are open. in fact, let's take a live look there on the inbound side and you can see 66 north of the accident scene is not affected at all as you travel towards centreville, fairfax and beyond. so i'll keep you posted on that situation just south of 66. let's go back over to our maps this time to 270 on the southbound side. still looking great, no issues to report as you head down towards clarksburg down to the point where the lanes divide. all lanes are open right now. we'll take a live look outside and show you what it looks like on the beltway here at new hampshire avenue. travel lanes are open at university boulevard, both loops north side of town. i'll be back with more on that accident in manassas coming up at 5:10. back to you guys. >>> we are almost there. 5:02 now. after more than a year of emerging candidates, dro
vote. that was ford. ford had the momentum but carter won in the end. even gore, he had the last-second momentum. he did win the popular vote. having the momentum has it in the end. >> what's it going to mean for obama if obama wins it is the ground level organization. i was in an obama campaign headquarters on the outskirts of the washington metropolitan area in virginia and i was impressed by the methodical nature of what they did and also the distributed nature of what they did. in other words, everybody didn't come to headquarters. the materials, the lists, the walking lists and so forth were all in homes around the region. in other words, people in their individual homes and neighborhoods became the effective campaign headquarters for those areas. they have built on what they did in 2008. they do have a superb ground game. it's going to depend on them getting their own people out in all of these states. they have it divided in terms of types of voters. they have it divided by location. the analogy i use goes to the way the israelis operate in the desert. they don't have a lo
personal life, but reckless with the national security of the country. c-span: gerald ford pardoned him. did he ever talk to you about that? >> guest: not necessarily about the pardon. he thought that gerald ford was a good man. and he also said that he didn't think that ford was, obviously, not in the presidency long enough to issue sort of a fair judgment of ford's presidency or at least apply the same standards to ford's presidency as he would apply to the others c-span: here's a quote about gerald ford from the book: "poor gerald ford. you won't even believe why he called me. he was concerned about some presidential photos and about having me sign them. imagine. he calls me for that. >> guest: well, i think that was a function of the fact that ford really hadn't been in the office long enough to make any serious impact and that he was also simply a steward of existing policies. he said that gerald ford had every right to spend his retirement making money and playing golf. that just wasn't what nixon chose to do in his retirement. c-span: here's what he said about general eisenhower,
has been in a crash but the teen says these airbags in her 2001 ford focus deployed for no reason. it happened as she was driving out of this parking lot at 10 miles an hour. >> there was a lot of white stuff like powder type stuff. what happened? i was really scared. >> reporter: and hurt. not only did the airbag crack the windshield but the explosion left chelsea with minor injuries that her mother worries could have been much worse. >> i had a burn right here from the airbag and it cut my knees and i had bruising on my legs. >> she drives on the freeway. of what in it happened on the freeway? there is no telling who would have crashed into her. >> reporter: clarence of the center for auto safety says unexpected airbag deployments in the ford focus are nothing new. >> the bottom line is, the 2000- 2001 ford focus clearly had an airbag problem in the early days. >> reporter: in fact, back in 2002, the national highway traffic safety administration launched an investigation into the problem after reports of more than 300 complaints about unexpected airbag deployments. many of them
in europe of european ford if steel took over before rather than later. >> my feeling has always been you own the fords of the world is that they have always had huge cash awards. >> the announcement is out, they have promoted a number, a series of people. joe henriks, president of the americas, even know dell, most, a number of different things including the promotion of fields. >> asia, africa is the rangernd a the ranger is selling very well. >> it's a big story, you got it here first. >> all right, a lot of people did. of course not the only story out this morning. if you do want to get the latest out of the recovery, sandy, remain without power in the storm region. some areas likely to be without -- some of you in the ameri mta as a -- we're getting word from coned, the utility here in manhattan, tre to have electricity restored to the island of manhattan. >> not only that people are using cars more and more to get around because of the public transport limit people with generators need gas line to run them. >> wait until you hear the one on the distraught. i'm going to cancel. it ju
, with deliveries up 5%. ford sales inched up just .4%. the company reports truck sales stalled slightly while car sales, especially for fuel-efficient models, picked up. ford's ceo, alan mulally, told reporters yesterday he intends to stay on until 2014. mark fields companies turnaround will soon bump up to coo. in overseas action, toyota sales bounced 16% higher, while volkswagon's were up 22%, making it the best october since 1972. meanwhile, small businesses are still reeling from the effects of superstorm sandy. sandy shut down and damaged many businesses in its trail. now a lifeline for business owners could come in the form of disaster assistance. chris hurn of mercantile capital says for small business owners affected by the storm, loans could be a chance to reboot business. "one of the things that is going to come out of a life- altering event like this is a lot of them are going to get insurance proceeds, and i'm a big advocate of people using those proceeds to maybe spur some action that they might not have taken before." hurn notes that disaster loans could provide owners who rent an
. >> this is the project that i'm working on right now. it's a 1960 ford falcon. >> reporter: once she had visions of medical school. >> one day want to own my own garage. >> the '51 ford f1. how can you not have the sanford & son truck. it's awesome. >> reporter: as for crew chief colf-- >> a '68 firebird. i will will will never part with that. i will be buried in that car. >> reporter: as they blaze a trail, they are dealing with stereotypes. >> oh, your man is letting you drive his carc how special. little do they know i've done all the work myself and really it's my car. >> i've gone so far at various times in the past to have a license plate that says "hers." >> reporter: the completed mustang is also deifying gender roles. >> everybody thinks if a woman is going to customize a car. it's going to be pink and cute. we like to build some bad monsters as well and i'd like to not put fuzzy dice on them. >> underneath they have themselves nearly a race car and nobody is going to be expecting that. >> reporter: the mustang sold at auction this week for $46,000, the money going to a scholarship fund
on the executive mansion's first rooftop. steve ford talked about his mother complaining about having to cook dinner on the night gerald ford was sworn in. >>> let's take a check at wall street. the dow closed at 12,542 after losing 28 points yesterday. the s&p was down 2. the nasdaq fell 9. overseas had a better day. nikkei shot up 194 points. the hang seng gained 50. >>> wall street will be watching today's first face-to-face fiscal cliff meeting. there's a lot at stake. the congressional budget office predicts a first half recession next year if the economy goes over the cliff. bowles tells maria why he thinks there hasn't been a recession. >> the guys that are running for office worship that great god of re-election and haven't focused on what's right for the country. >> the average rate on a 30 year lone has dropped to 3.34%. that's the lowest since 1971. >>> federal officials are investigating whether fedex and u.p.s. aided and abetted illegal drug sales from online pharmacies. both companies deny any wrongdoing. >>> mcdonald's u.s. chief is stepping down due to unusually poor fast food
assistant, has become popular, and especially so with millennials. that's prompting gm and ford to install siri in small car models that appeal to younger, digitally savvy drivers. she'll have the same demeanor, but will also be eyes-free in addition to hands-free. chevy's spark and sonic, along with ford's fiesta, will all soon house siri. the ceo of autonomy is taking allegations against his software company by hewlett- packard very personally. autonomy ceo mike lynch shot off an open letter to hp's board requesting details of alleged accounting blunders. hewlett- packard claims autonomy's books were inaccurate when it purchased the company, which is now resulting in an $8.8-billion write-down for hp. hewlett- packard officials maintain the legal process will bring out the facts. conagra foods is packaging up a new brand. the company has purchased "private label" food company "ralcorp holdings" for 5 billion dollars. since the recession, consumers have more of an appetite for store-label brands vs popular brand names. conagra's lines include well- known products such as chef boyardee, wh
and bending it one last time for the l.a. galaxy. ♪ how advanced is the new ford fusion? has outstanding performance and handling... ...and it offers a plug-in hybrid that gets a projected 100 mpge. of course, there's still one thing it can't do. introducing the entirely new ford fusion. it's an entirely new idea of what a car can be. >>> it was just six years ago that british soccer star david beckham made the bombshell move stateside, helping ignite a sharp uptick in american interest in his sport. well, this week he announced he'll be leaving the l.a. galaxy, but he's not hanging up his legendary cleats for good. our sister network espn's resident soccer star julie foudy brings us this "nightline" interview. >> david beckham will no longer be bending it for the los angeles galaxy. >> nobody else in the world does it quite like he does. >> reporter: when you first arrived, did you ever have those moments of, "what am i doing here? did i make the right decision?" >> when i first arrived, i was excited. when i played my first game, i was like, okay, this is going to be tough.
..../they ... found theebodies... of... sandy and andy ford..... / along with ...three chillren.../ all dead... frrm... carbon monoxxde poisoning...//. a... truck was running, ...with hoses ...leading from the it's hard for me, i am a former school teacher, so i have a special place in my heart for iis, so it's hhrdd whennpeople can'' cope and they have to taae their kids. &pi think that's very hard. 3 pollce say... sandy ford... was the grandmother..../ p andy... was the uncle. .../ the victims... ll lived together ... / but... te parents... were in the process of getting ffll cussody. .../ an arizona woman reportedly obama's re-election is accused of taking her anger out on her husbbnd... by running himmover! over!caller: "he got out of the ar aad she wassscreaming aaay and she tarted driving g wouldn'' let him go. so d she - finally, he took off to ry and get away and she ran into h" him."officers say the woman got mad at her husband... when she found out he didn't vote. president or rrblems her family was goiig through... and was upset after learning heewon.
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